• 27.10.76

    born in Salzburg

  • 1995 - 1997

    College of Photography / Die Graphische, Vienna

  • 1997 - 1998

    Photo Assistant at Josef Fischnaller and Claudio Alessandri

  • 2006

    International Semester of Photojournalism in Aarhus/Denmark at the DMJX (Danish School of Media and Journalism)

  • since 2007

    Freelance Photographer for different magazines and clients
    (e.g.: Die Presse, Lagerhaus, Grätzlhotel, BIG, Complete Magazin, Ray, Luxury Living, Active Beauty, BHS Wien, Reporter ohne Grenzen, Welt der Frau, Jüdisches Echo, Gute Reise, Tipi Familienmagazin, Sochor, Urban Tool, WillHaben, Kapsch, OMV, ...)

  • activities

    Internship at the Daily Newspaper „Berlingske Tidende“ with Erik Refner
    Finalist at the South Tyrol Media Award for Photographers and Journalists
    Teacher at Fotoschule Vienna: Picture Composition
    International Photo-Summer in Salzburg at the KFJ with Sergey Maximishin and John Marx Smock
    Street-Photography Workshop in Vienna with Kay von Aspern and Siegfried Hansen
    Eyes in Progress: Workshop in Paris with Richard Dumas

  • exhibitions

    „Yoga meets Shinergy“ at the Shinergy Zone, Vienna, 2002
    „Gazela“, Reiseführer in eine Elendsiedlung, Book 2009
    „Screening“, Eyes On, Vienna, 2012
    „Anonymous Encounter“,  Eyes On, Vienna, 2014
    „Modern Talking II“, Fotoforum Braunau, 2015


About me...

Sucker for beauty, special light and this tiny unforgettable moments.

I started photography at the age of 10, when I got an old analog camera from my Dad. Soon it became a tool for me to figure out more about myself and the world. Photography helps me to frame the world and to focus again, when I get distraced. While taking pictures, there is nothing else than my view through the camera. Photography also helps me observing. With my camera I get a legal and professional way for this obsession. And photography also gives me an excuse to discover new ground and get to know new people. At the end, photography is just a way of seeing things and going through life.

My photography is all about humans and their lifes. Nothing interests me more than people with their peculiarities, different cultures, curiosities, passions and stories. I am very much into portrait, reportage, travel and street photography.