Never call it sport, it's a way of life!

It all started in California in the Sixties, when skateboarding evolved from surfing. Since then there have been waves, ups and downs of skateboarding-popularity. At present, it seems to be a big hype. But skateboarding is much more than a cool sport. Skating is an attitude: laid-back and ambitious at the same time. Skating is very creative, some people would consider it as a form of art. The only rule in skateboarding is: enjoy your time! Once a skater, you can´t get rid of this obsession. Frustation and ambition are close together. If you crash, you have to stand up and try again and again and again and again…To a certain extent they are all masochists, or how else can you explain 2 broken toes, 1 broken finger, 2 broken rists, 2 bended rips, 15 min knock out? No need to mention the 1000 bruises…?